Welcome to Reflections.org.uk, Graham Horsman's personal and professional webspace.

I'm around thirty and live in Stroud. Professionally I have been working in IT/Payments support for around 7 years and have been focussing on support and development of Atlassian products for 4. I have had involvement with technology in my personal and professional life for much longer.

I am currently contracting as a Tooling Expert and Atlassian Specialist through Gustavero Limited.

More About Me

When I'm not working I spend my free time on various pursuits:

I enjoy cooking for myself and others and messing around with existing recipies to produce something more unique.

I do cycling, swimming, airsoft and martial arts for joy as well as to keep myself from dropping completely out of shape. 

I like to keep up my reading and though I have most genres in my collection I primarily enjoy Science Fiction and Historical Fiction.

I also try to keep up to date on current movements in the Linux and Open Source community, I focus mostly on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian distributions.

Reflections.org.uk provides various web services on an informal basis to my friends.