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Agile is dangerous, apparently.

A friend of mine posted a link to this article on facebook: and the comments were promptly filled with engineers of my acquaintance agreeing vehemently and in one case suggesting that the looming Agile Spectre would make them consider leaving to get something less well paid rather than be so mistreated.


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SSD install with windows 7. Old stuff onto new.

My good friend robinbloke recommended this guide for installing a new SSD and windows. It's very thorough and simple to follow, almost everything is explained in terms of why as well as how. I didn't follow it down to the last detail because a lot of it looks like unecessary tuning to reap beneifts that aren't experiencable.

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Wifi issues on Android 4/Ice cream sandwich

More of a personal note than anything else. 

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Tewin to Edinburgh - Coda

Nothing got posted here so I guess it's worthwhile letting you know:


In contributions has been raised through just giving, it's now at the point where I cannot comment on what has been raised elsewhere. Rough estimate between outside contributions, gift aid and so-on is that we have raised near £15000 that actually goes to the named charities. I am proud and humbled to see such generosity.

Thank you all.

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Friendly faces?

This weekend I've mostly been moving my friend S.'s stuff from her now abandond flat to the Big Yellow Box in Kennington. Despite a rather tardy Man and Van, all went well and we actually had quite a pleasant day, wandering back through Kennington via pubs, grabbing dinner at The Old White Lion and finishing off with a lot of Game Of Thrones and ice cream.
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Tewin to Edinburgh - Stage ? - Arizona?!

I might have cycled a bit further than intended...

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Tewin to Edinburgh - Stage 7 - Wark to Boncaster Bridge - Round lake, Cross border, Down hill, Over bridge.

Morning brought a lot of messing around getting tyres topped up, the car loaded etc. Somebody finally managed to take a photo of us setting off, sadly I don't have access to it at the moment. Eventually we got on our way, David, Andrew and Ian forged ahead I attempted to keep up, Jeff elected to ride with Dad for the morning at least. After a minute my phone went crazy as signal was suddenly restored and texts rained down. Battlesteads has a curiously localised blackout zone that seems to cover the pub and extend around 100ft from it. The wifi there though is solid.


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