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When I started booking holiday for this chunk of the year the sheet I retrieved from HR was neat, not pristine but at least it looked like some sort of formal document. In the last month or so its become rather less so as holiday has been booked, un-booked and rebooked. It now looks like a child's homework assignment that's had an encounter with the dog AND the cat. That said when you decipher its arcane mysteries it becomes apparent that I have 3 whole weeks off, starting this afternoon. If I were a sensible person I'd have acquired this holiday in pursuit of sunshine, cocktails, relaxation and people wearing as little as possible in exotic locations. In fact I've got quite a lot on but rather closer to home.
First up I'm off to the 39th CAMRA Cambridge Beer festival. This takes place each year on Jesus Green and I've been volunteering at it for almost 10 years now. Over the years I've gone from your beer-tent-or-garden steward to running the stewards office and the festival's radio communications. It's a job I love. Sadly this is the last year I'll be doing it as my loyalties have switched to Reading (which I did a couple of days at recently, more on that later). 
After a week of sleeping in a tent and herding merry customers about the place I'll head home, then on the Friday following the Tewin to Edinburgh bike ride sets off.
Like I said if I'd been sensible...
Anyway. The hope is to keep this blog updated as I go. There's a lot to write about beer festivals, what I do, the other people that work at them, why we do it and so on. There'll be allot to say about what 8 days of riding does to one. Where I can, bandwidth allowing, there'll be photos.
It's going to be a busy and exciting few weeks.