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Tewin to Edinburgh Stage 2 - Whittlesey to Lincoln - God save the Queen

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For stage 2 we were headed to Lincoln. 64 miles north of Whittlesey where we had stayed the previous night. The weather was good sunny enough without being opressive. Feeling the sunburn I caught yesterday I remembered to cover myself liberally in SPF30 and after getting everything together wet set off. The party eventually split into three again. David, Jeff, Andrew and Malcom shooting ahead, myself and Ian following our own pace in the middle, Dad and William in the rear. Linconshire is an incredibly flat county allowing us to keep a good pace (15-18mph) along the way. This is great but it was quite easy to zone out. The steady rhythm of pedalling along induces a sort of mid-distance reverie that's just about good enough to pick up pot-holes, vehicles etc, suicidal squirrels are on thier own though. Another factor is boredom, when you run out of interest it can be difficult to keep going. Ian deals with this by means of audio books, I seem to get by by running odd scenarios through my head, imagining vidoes to music I know and generally just mentally noodling.

Ian makes a good cycling parter, he sets a good pace for me to follow and keeps up an interesting conversation when either of us want one, but moistly we chug along in our own worlds

At one point we turned down the wrong street and came across this picturesque residence:


"Blinded By Patriotism" - Thank's dad!

As Ian said "I learnt two things today: Lincolnshire is very flat and they *really* love the Queen".


Later rolling into, Sleaford, we came across these buildings.

Very impressive from the road. Unfortunately we couldn't get close enough for any decent photos. Theres some more information here: We were left wondering how the new developments (flats and a huge shopping centre) would be supported by the small community of this ailing town. There were also some very new redbrick developments dotted about the place including a gated community just outside the town. After a fair bit of pottering and refreshments (catching up with both the advance and rear party) we set off again to try and make Lincoln before the cathederal shut. 

We made good time but an amazingly busy and steep descent into lincoln meant that we walked in rather than cycled. Once there we managed to confuse the directions and end up horribly lost. I switched on google maps and that guided us to a major junction where the forward part of the team who had visited the cathederal found us and guided us the rest of the way along a towpath to our residence for the evening, The Pyewype. It's a very pleasant place on the canal edge, comfortable with good food and a reasonable selection of drink. The only downsides being that the rooms lacked wi-fi (a continual problem as it turned out) and were some way away from the pub itself.

I settled down with a cider and tried to catch up updating things, but really only got as far as facebook before tiredness overcame me. I eventually retired to the room via a very grumpy night porter and passed out.

The day's record.