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Tewin to Edinburgh - Stage 4 - Sutton-on-Derwent to Northallerton - O que é que pode dar errado?

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The title is approximately "What could possibly go wrong?" in Brazilian Portugese. The reasons will become apparent.

After a peaceful nights sleep at The Old Rectory we arose and breakfasted, collecting our now-dry gear from the hallway where it had been left. I checked my pain levels, swallowed a couple of ibuprofen and declared myself fit to ride.

There were complaints of faff from various parties interspersed with bread pudding distribution and advice on tire pressure. It seems my tires were running a bit flat and I was advised to pump them up to around 100psi. Anything that made the going easier was fine by me so I complied with the more experienced rider's suggestion.

Those who complain of faff... "The tires will be just fine..."

After phones were fettled, tires pumped and puddings distributed we managed to set off out of Sutton on Derwent, only to halt after a mile or two when Ian realised he had the car keys. Without them the support car was going nowhere so he headed back to drop them off. We headed on towards dunnington and Ian caught up. Upon entering dunnington I spied a newsagents, being out of cigarettes (yes I know I said I needed to give up) and energy drinks I decided to make a pitstop while the rest continued on. I turned off down a street and proped my bike up outside the newsagents. Indide there was an elderly shopkeep who seemed mildly disconcerted by my need to pay on card though it could be done he assured me. Cigarettes were acquired by means of a pub-style cigarette machine mounted on the wall behind the counter and operated with a remote control(!). This was taking a while to arrange when suddenly:


The shopkeep nearly jumped out of his skin. "What the hell was that?" he enquired.

It took a few second for realisation to dawn. "My bike!" I exclaimed and ran outside.

Sure enough my bike was there and appeared to be smoking gently. On closer examination the rear inner tube had obviously exploded with enough force to blow the outer tire right off the rim! Other than that no harm done but the thought of that occurring while hurtling down a hill at 30mph makes me feel better about stopping of for smokes! I managed to call people who needed to know and Mum turned up in the support car to provide things like maintenance stands, pumps and helpful advice and also liaise with the other riders while I got on with changing the inner tube. This took less time than  expected and since Jeff and friends had stopped off to help a stranger whose chain had got messed up they were waiting for me a couple of miles up the road. The mystery remains how my rear tire after 5 miles and a few minutes of being stationary then decided to blow up.

I set off to catch up only getting mildly lost and making fairly good time. When I did catch up with them however the going seemed to get tougher and tougher. There's no doubt they're all in much better condition than I am but something was bothering me about how hard it was to make progress

Eventually we reached Sutton Park where we stopped for a while only to see Ian just leaving to catch up with Dad and Will. Today they'd forged ahead and were already looking for a pub to lunch in. The cafe at Sutton park is pleasant enough though interestingly I have note on my phone which reads "most attractive waitress yet!" sadly no phone number though...

As we went to leave I discovered the likely reason I was finding it hard going: Picking up my bike to turn it around the rear wheel fell off. It looks like I hadn't refastened the quick-release properly. That fixed and checked we headed on and it was much easier to keep up with Jeff, Andrew, David and Malcom though still a challenge! We rolled on until we reached Easingwold where my brothers and Dad had ensconced themselves in the Angel.

Happy reunionLess happy waiting

Jeff, David, Malcom and Andrew decided to forge on while I rejoined my brothers and Dad. I got my water bottle refilled (the energy drink I had put in them was foul) and we moved on.

My recollection of the rest of the ride is pretty uneventful. It was a great day, the sun was out but not too hot and though there were a few hills the going wasn't hard. The finish to the day was probably my favourite. Pulling into The Black Bull, Northallerton we discovered a sun-drenched back patio, Landlord on tap and I won the toss for the room on my own! Rapture! Joy! Etc!

Sun, Beer, Win.Room of my own!

Pretty happy 

After finishing my beer I chatted on the phone with a friend who derided my minor injuries in comparison to the mashed hand and steering wheel imprint she'd sustained from the day's go-karting, we agreed the most important thing was that she'd won. It was also specifically requested I wear my most offensively coloured cycling top to dinner. Unbeknownst to me there had been a decision by my brothers to dress up smart. I may have clashed slightly...

not my best look...

We decamped to the "Golden Lion" a few doors down as the Black Bull wasn't doing food that evening. Myself and Ian had negotiated "alone time" with each other and the folks so we could get Stuff Done. After a while the rest filtered in and we eventually all got seated. There was a loud and enthusiastic band playing in the room next door which sounded fine to me but caused a fair bit of grumbling from the elders. We passed around the Mad Real Ale flyer we'd discovered the previous day to general amusement. 

The evening wound down rapidly as tiredness set in and we retired to our rooms. The wi-fi was not really useable so I flicked on the TV to be reminded suddenly that the Queen's Jubilee was occurring, so I watched Madness perform before finally turning off and passing out.