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Tewin To Edinburgh - The aftermath and Edinburgh to London

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After dinner myself, T and G went to The Pub. I can't remember which one due to several factors:
1) I was really quite tired
2) It was quite a while ago
3) Late licensing hours
4) Whiskey
What is known:
1) We went to a pub
2) There was a birthday of some description
3) At somepoint in the evening I departed Mr. C's abode to find cigarettes, to return quite some time later having got incredibly lost.
The next day I met up with Tania and headed over to my aunt's place to pick up some odds and ends. While there we witnessed this:
All the things. Cleaned
We narrowly avoided being involved in the usual Horsman (dis)organisation and departed to acquire breakfast. The Bruntsfield Hotel does a mean scrambled egg and salmon and quite nice coffeee. It also provides power points to the needy, ie. me.
We'd arranged to meet E. in town as she'd come down from Glasgow. Thus ensued hilarity as we very slowly made our way to Rose St. stopping every 10 feet while T. photographed *everything*. Then we walked up and down Rose St. for 30 minutes trying to find the pub E was in, eventually after several phone calls E. told us to give up and she'd find us. We grabbed some seats outside a pub and basked in the uncharacteristic sunshine. Drinks were had and shortly Mr. C turned up. Edinburgh triva and dinner was discussed, more drinks had and eventually Mr. C headed off to do something and T. departed for the Holrood to get here tourism on. E. and I were quite happy where we were and continued catching up. We had only recently met at the 2012 Eastercon in London and it was great getting to know more about each other. In time T. returned and E. departed for Glasgow. We headed back to Mr. C's for dinner which C had cooked. filled and sated with delicious chicken it was time for More Pub. Present were Ed, AJW, CS, F and a number of other incredibly nice folk. Some seriously nie beer was had as well as a couple of whiskeys. I believe topics under discussion included, The British Space Program or Lack Thereof, Dambusters, The Vulcan mission and new book projects. All great fun, then back to Mr. C's. I think I eventually got to bed around 9am. 
We don't talk about Sunday
Monday we went for a bit of a stroll to get breakfast and visit Arizona. It's a curious place down an alleyway somewhere near Marchment where someone has knocked up wild west frontage's to various operating workshops, lockups and businesses. People must walk past it every day and never think to look down the alley. 
Arizona, Edinburgh
The rest of the day was spent pootling about and eventually heading to the Standing Order for food and drink. E. had come down from Glasgow again to meet another friend and them both came along. The Standing Order is a rather impressive weatherspoons on George St. It looks like (and probably is) a converted bank. It wasn't overly busy but there were some extremely loud England supporters who seemed to be making up for lack of an England game by annoying the hell out of everyone.
It was a fairly sedate evening and eventually we retired. I had a busy day the morrow.
Did not start well. I awoke to realise my train was at 12:00 not 14:00 as I had originally thought. This wouldn't be an issue but I had to collect my bike from my aunts at... 12:00. Frantic phoning, texting and generall hoohah ensued, I wasn't able to contact my aunt so the best bet was to get out there and wait. Mr. C drove me over and we waited. Thankfully annie turned up shortly before 13:00 and I was able to get my bike and cycle down with 15 minutes to spare. Then it got complicated...
I'd orignally messed up my booking and had to transfer the ticket to the correct day. provides a service to do so which is buggy but got the job done, I also requested my bike booking be moved. Note: you need to enter your original ticket reference not the new one at the machines to collect your tickets. On the platform there was no-one to tell me where to put my bike so I ran up and down the platform nearly colliding with  passenger trying to find out. I did find the cargo carriage at which point they asked for my bike booking ticket. I explained the situation and thrust my wedge of tickets at the lady in charge. She sorted through them and advised me that the reservation was for my old date and not today. I explained again. She said it was my responsibility to check the tickets before I travelled. I explained you couldn't get the tickets until the day, I had contacted RSH to confirm my cycle booking had been moved and they said it had. What was I to do. She said it was my responsibility etc. 
I resorted to begging, sob stories and looking hopeless. This was bad, I couldn't leave the bike behind and I couldn't afford to rebook at hundreds of pounds. Eventually I asked where the last bike on the rack was? Was it booked from Edinburgh to London by any chance? The train was leaving in 5 minutes, surely it should be here by now. She thrust the tickets at me and decryed my uslessness while indicating I should rack mine up. Relief sounded like a choir in my head and I got things stowed away before hurtling down the platform to my carriage.
I had a peaceful journey home after that, arriving in Kings X without further mishap. The only thing to do now was cycle home from Kings X to East Finchley. I had not done this before, it was terrifying. Once home I stowed my bike had a shower and headed off for a meal with my good friends J and D. It was a quiet one as I was pretty tired so I only stopped one thief that evening.