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Friendly faces?

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This weekend I've mostly been moving my friend S.'s stuff from her now abandond flat to the Big Yellow Box in Kennington. Despite a rather tardy Man and Van, all went well and we actually had quite a pleasant day, wandering back through Kennington via pubs, grabbing dinner at The Old White Lion and finishing off with a lot of Game Of Thrones and ice cream.
On Tuesday S. popped by my place to pick up some stuff she'd left there meeting me at the door after I'd finished cycling back in the pissing rain. Stuff got we headed down to Tapping The Admiral in Kentish town for drinks and pie. 
Tapping The Admiral is a newish pub that really wants to be your favourite. Almost all the ingredients are there, Ale, Pie, Ale and Pie. Ok, theres a really good selection of beer (Adnam's Ghost Ship is back out I see) and some pretty decent wine. The food (especially the pie) is really nice and the decor isn't trying to hard. It's a little cramped inside due to ill placed seating but pleasant enough, importantly for us smokers the garden is well laid out and comfortable.
On arriving myself and S. were accosted by a dude with an SA accent who toasted us, and then tried to start a conversation. We'd just walked in the drizzling rain for 20 minutes and were laden with books so were not too receptive I'm afraid. We got out into the garden and got some drinks in, the aforementioned Ghost Ship is rather nice and made a welcome refeshment after the cycle home I'd had earlier. After some time D arrived, D had also helped S. put stuff into storage so we chatted about that and stuff when a dude stopped by our table and announced that he had lost 981 pounds from his bank account, and he was miserable, and in pain, and his wife hated him. We didn't really know what to say. He sat down and continued to tell us his woes. After a few minutes he introduced himself as Jack The Hat, indeed he did wear a hat. Eventually he begged a cigarette and went on his way. Two minutes later the bar tender came out, asked us if we'd been bothered by Jack, we said "no" at which point the bartender decided to tell us his woes... 
Later A and, P arrived. P likes beer so we had that to talk about, A I had met sometime before in a bar far away. The conversation descended in tone as it is apt to do when myself and S. are in each others orbits. L arrived and the party was complete, or so we thought. The barman dropped by for another chat and then the SA dude who was now completely incoherent. He stationed himself by the table and made rambling noises, oblivious to the fact that people were telling him clearly to go away. Eventually I gave him a roll-up and asked nicely, he wandered off.
Amazing pie was served and roofcats spotted. Soon it was kicking out time, the sadness of S. leaving was mitigated by this little fellow who decided to pounce on my arm. I cooed and awwed and stroked until everyone was ready to go:
Safe journeys S!